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Vicki Hitzges Vivacious TV News Anchor, Storyteller and Author

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  • Attitude Is Everything
  • Here I Am – There You Are
  • How to Stop Procrastinating
  • Impact and Inspire People (With Tools You Probably Already Have Around the House)
  • What Vince Lombardi, Mary Kay & an Old Crank Could Teach You

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  • 2014 Stuck on Stop: How to Quit Procrastinating
  • 2010 Attitude Is Everything

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Vicki Hitzges has...

• Hosted the Dallas Cowboy’s TV show “Special Edition”
• Rode an elephant through Dallas for Ringling Brothers Circus
• As a reporter, got to interview SIX U.S. Presidents, Bette Midler, Ron Howard, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bill Cosby. (Nope. He didn’t.)
• Spoke to 10,000 teenagers in Las Vegas. (She was a scared, newbie speaker!)
• Publicized Zig Ziglar, George Bush (41), and BeautiControl Cosmetics
• Keynoted in Qatar, Panama, New Zealand, Alaska, Hawaii, and Thailand
• Got to pilot the Goodyear Blimp over her house and wave to her mom

While Vicki was publicizing Zig Ziglar, the number one motivational speaker in the world at that time, he thought she was creative, urged her to speak, and mentored her. (He even quoted Vicki in his best-seller “Over the Top”.) She has been able to win some impressive speaking awards, and has written two books.

The first book, “Attitude Is Everything”, sold out the day it came on the market! BAM! All 5000 copies! The second book, “Stuck on Stop—How to Quit Procrastinating”, sells like kibble at the petting zoo, because it’ll help you not procrastinate. (If you get around to reading it.)

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