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Todd Dewett, PhD Inspiring Authenticity in Leadership, Sales, Innovation, Culture, and Customer Experiences

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  • Dr Dewett Speaking Promo

    Speaking Demo featuring Dr. Todd Dewett.

  • The Creativity Paradox | TEDxTAMU

    Organizations say they want creativity, but in reality, they can't stand it! New ideas are usually treated poorly. To overcome this reality and increase the team's creative output, you must learn to poke a few sacred cows, embrace the devil's advocate, and focus on things that matter.

  • Get over yourself! Todd Dewett at TEDxDayton

    The key to knowledge dissemination is less about technological tools and more about meaningful relationships. However, only when leaders get over themselves, embrace a little self-deprecation, stop projecting themselves onto others, and begin to see people as unique resources will they move others to open up and talk and share -- and that's when great teams can emerge.

  • The Price of Deviance | TEDxYouth@LakeManalapan

    So, you want to be a change agent? Great! But there is more to it than just speaking up. When you deviate from the status quo, there is a price to pay. You might have a great idea or see a real need for change, but what others see may surprise you. Don't worry. Pay the price. Change is worth it.