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Ted Wright Marketing Strategist & Visionary

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  • How To Create Conversations That Sell

The world has changed and consumers make the vast majority of their buying decisions based off of conversations they’ve had with people they know and trust. Ted Wright says people are not going to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find the product they want; instead they are talking to their friends. Social media can only influence slightly – while face-to-face conversations change the world.

As a keynote speaker, author, and CEO of a word of mouth marketing agency, Ted helps organizations identify the customers and potential customers most likely to talk about your brand (we call these people “influencers”), and then use creative tactics to encourage communications between influences and members of their social network. What’s great about influencers is they identify themselves. Influencers must be in involved for influencer marketing to work because they love to share and are intrinsically motived to do so. Influencers are just 10% of the population and according to Ted, have three personality traits that define them:

  1. Influencers like to try new things
  2. Influencers like to share stories with their friends
  3. Influencers are intrinsically motivated

Your job (as a professional, a company, etc.) is not to decide who is and who is not an influencer – rather, to share stores that are interesting, authentic, and relevant about your products, your services, and your brand. Influencers show themselves to the world by trying new things, sharing things with their friends, and not taking money for things they love to do. If you want to sell more and sell faster, the best way to engage is through face-to-face, word of mouth marketing. Ted always says, “You have to fish where the fish are.” It’s all about people talking to people they know about products and services they trust.

In Ted’ recent article, “Influencer Marketing Disappointing You? Try Using Influencers,” he explains who an influencer is and why they play in integral role in word of mouth marketing.

Ted’s primary goal for each presentation is to leave attendees inspired to be better marketers so they can sell more stuff to more people, more often, for more money.

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