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Ted Meyer Scarred for Life Artist and Patient Advocate

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  • Art Talk with Ted Meyer

    This one focuses on a women who had tumor on the inside of her pelvis. To remove that they had to remove her leg at the same time. The calendars shown represent the four months from the date an MRI was requested before her insurance company agreed. Artwork and photo by Ted Meyer

  • UCLA Medical School's ‘Guest Artist' Is Helping To Teach Doctors About Disease

    Ted Meyer is the guest artist at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. If you weren't aware that medical schools had guest artists, you're not alone. But this initiative is very real, aiming to teach doctors about illness through the practice of art.

  • USC social work student uses art to heal with Art Rx

    A part of a USC student-led initiative called Art Rx, the workshop aimed to bridge physical and emotional pain with art. Today's was focused on scars.

  • Triumphs Over Trauma: The Scar Prints of Ted Meyer

    Los Angeles artist Ted Meyer is scarred for life, but you wouldn't know it from talking to him. His bright green eyes light up and his smile broadens as he describes hearing from people in faraway countries that his art has helped them to accept and even embrace their scars.

  • Ted Meyer

    Artist Ted Meyer talks to friend Brian Knappmiller about his Scar Art art, a series of paintings and prints documenting people's scars, exploring the meaning, and even beauty, within the disfigurement. Meyer knows something about pain and scars. He suffers from Gaucher disease, an enzyme disorder that can cause easy bruising, bleeding and bone pain.