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Susie Pecuch Design The Customer Conversation

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  • How to get your customer to do your marketing for you.
  • How to turn your brand into the walk away conversation that you want the customers to be sharing about you.

Susie Pecuch (Pronounced "Pa-Kooch") is an expert on getting your customers to do the marketing for you!

For over 20 years, she has helped world-class companies strengthen their bottom line by moving customers from loyalty to advocacy. Susie designs service, brand and performance strategies that bring your

brand to life within your company.

Her clients represent a variety of industries and world-class brands including: Disney, NIKE, Singapore Airlines, NYU Clinical Cancer Center, IHM Business School -Sweden, Six Flags Theme Parks, Achieva Credit Union, Hawkers Restaurant, Big Canoe Property Owners Association, and The Leading Hotels of the World.

Susie offers inspiring and informative presentations, interactive workshops and in-depth consulting. Her most requested keynote presentation features her unique approach to branding your customer experience for bottom line results! She can also help you bring the brand to life in your employee experience - which is the key to retention, teamwork and excellent customer service! In addition she can lead your leadership, front line or sales / service team through an interactive workshop, using the True Colors -Smart Business profile to learn how to work together, understand customers and improve performance!



Susie’s career began at Walt Disney World, where she was on the team that created The Disney Institute. Business leaders attend the Institute to learn about the Disney Approach to Quality Service, Management, Communication and Marketing in three and four-day seminars. She helped to design the programs, was a facilitator, marketed the programs and conducted keynote speeches around the country.

While at Walt Disney World, she worked at The Disney University, the internal training division. She designed and delivered the grand opening training curriculum for the Disney-Hollywood Studios Theme Park as well as Expatriation and Repatriation training for US employees who opened Euro Disney in Paris.

As NIKE Retail’s Global Training Director she led the internal brand strategy to enhance sales, service eand NIKEs image in three retail concepts around the globe: NIKETOWN, NIKE Stores and NIKE Factory Outlets. Her team created the NIKE Retail Global Business Academy, training front line employees to top leadership, opening new stores, designing NIKE Signature Service Standards and measuring results.

Working with Singapore Airlines she helped create the Singapore National Quality Service Centre -a customer service training center and program to train the companies in Singapore to deliver consistent, excellent service based on the world-class model of Singapore Airlines.

She also served as National Training Director for Six Flag Theme Parks when Time Warner Entertainment owned the seven parks. She led the effort to re-brand and enhance the customer experience.

Susie received a BA in Communication from the University of Pittsburgh and completed her Masters studies in Organizational Psychology at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom as a Rotary International Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar.

Her life highlights include snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, hiking into the rainforest tosee the lowland gorillas in the African Congo, being at the Berlin Wall in Germany during the opening ofthe Brandenburg Gate and bungee jumping off of a 275-foot bridge in New Zealand.

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