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Robert E. Hall Relational Leadership: An Intentional Approach for Making Relationships a Strategic Priority

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  • Leadership at a Crossroads: Addressing the Stakeholder Revolt

    Addressing this revolt (previously discussed in this space here) now calls for a specific form of stakeholder leadership – what I describe below as “stakesmanship.” Let's look deeper. Business: Shareholder Value and the Stakeholder Revolt

  • Got Your Relationship Plan for 2018? 4 Key Strategies

    Relational Costs: Just as eliminating physical work does not eliminate the need for physical exercise, we are now learning that ready-access to information via smart phones and google does not eliminate the need for human contact and relationships.

  • Needed: A Reformation for Our Tribes

    1. Pride that animates balanced with humility that invites self-evaluation and change. 2. Accountability that brings discipline balanced with grace that forgives and liberates. 3. Power that brings energy and control balanced with empowerment that unleashes and frees others.

  • ‘Enemy-based’ Leadership is Destroying Us

    It is time for leaders to get out of the relationship destruction business.

  • What Amazon Can Teach a Polarized World About Constructive Disagreement

    Getting relationships and decisions right with opposing groups is hard. Relational Leadership is about making diverse groups and interests gel.

  • Relational Risk: Boards, Backlash, Boycotts and the Stakeholder Revolt

    Huff Post May 5, 2017. The onslaught of backlash and boycotts -- from customers, employees, investors/donors, regulators, communities -- is pressuring corporate (and non-profit) boards to prioritize stakeholder relationships as key to protecting and enhancing their brand and shareholder value. This shift has profound implications for boards and C-suite executives while elevating the strategic role of key staff functions such as human resources, marketing, investor relations and strategic communication.

  • The New Religion: Destructive Escalation

    Huffington Post January 27, 2017 The trick is to look for the “gift” inherent in oppositional challenge — and often nowhere else — that switches the paradigm from fear and fatigue to hope and expectancy.

  • When Leadership Fails to Scale: 3 Keys for Leaders

    The Huffington Post, October 2016 Today's leadership challenge requires stronger, more engaged stakeholder relationships. It confronts leaders with a defining question: Are your relationships big enough to get the job done? Stronger relationships must come from a more intentional, ‘by-design’ form of leadership - I have termed Relational Leadership. The bottom line for moving forward is this: the scalability of tomorrow’s organizations hinges on the scalability of today’s leaders and their relationships.

  • 'Toxic mix' in many corporations may be creating a nation of victims

    The Dallas Morning News, July 2016

  • Monopolies & Elitism: 5 Ways You Might Be the Elitist You Abhor

    The Huffington Post, July 2016