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Raymond McCauley Digital Biology, Scientist, Engineer, and Entrepreneur

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  • Raymond McCauley | Coming of Age in the Biotech Century | SingularityU Mexico Summit

    Raymond McCauley is a scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur working at the forefront of biotechnology. Raymond explores how applying technology to life ‘ biology, genetics, medicine, agriculture' is affecting every one of us. He is known for using storytelling and down-to-earth examples to show how quickly these changes are happening, right now.

  • The Biotechnology Century | Raymond McCauley | Singularity University Global Summit

    Genetic engineering, digital life forms and more. Digital biology is transforming health, biology and even the definition of what it is to be alive. Converging technologies are accelerating human progress and creating unexpected opportunities at an unfathomable pace. This is your chance to join a world-class collection of thinkers, leaders and doers to help redefine the future of business, technology, and humanity as a whole. Singularity University Global Summit is SU's flagship event, and is the place to meet fellow changemakers while discovering the world's breakthrough innovations.

  • Coming of Age in the Biotech Century | Raymond McCauley | TEDxBerlin

    Raymond and his team are putting the world's most advanced biotechnology tools into the hands of schoolchildren and inventors. This biohacker revolution may jumpstart a whole new generation of life scientists.

  • Biotech | Ask an Expert | Singularity University

    Raymond McCauley, Chair of the Biotech Track at Singularity University and Co-Founder and Chief Architect for Biocurious, answers questions about Biotechnology and Bioinformatics or Digital-Biology. Some of the topics covered this week; CRISPR gene editing, biohacking out of poverty.