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Peter Buffett Emmy Award-winning Musician, Philanthropist and Author

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  • Concert & Conversation Trailer

    Emmy Award-winning musician, philanthropist and author Peter Buffett shares an inspirational concert series featuring Peter on piano, photos and video of family, film, and TV, and NoVo’s philanthropic work, all of which trace his journey. Punctuated by candid stories growing up in the Buffett household and experiences composing the “fire dance” scene in Dances With Wolves, he conveys that it’s one’s values and what we’re able to give back to society that shape and define us as individuals. It’s an uplifting and rewarding event that resonates with anyone looking to lead a more fulfilling life and leave a meaningful legacy.

  • Woodstock

    Recently, I was listening to the iconic version of this song recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. It had an eerie resonance with my current life. I generally think it’s pretty crazy to re-record something so perfectly executed. But I decided to give it a try. Because…It seems like there’s some sort of “archaic consciousness” that echoes through time.

  • Shout

    There is a moral mutation running through society. Leadership as we’ve recently known it is dead. The only voice that can speak to our collective future is in the individual who feels the effects of our broken systems – the migrant farm-worker, the incarcerated immigrant youth, the child whose mother is working three jobs, the health care provider and the fast food worker. And this is not just in America. Worldwide, the crushing effects of a fear-driven, purposeless economy is trying to break our collective spirit.

  • Cello Dog & Mr. B - Episode 1: What's My Purpose?

    After circling the globe, these two friends have found that not only is home where the heart is... but your heart is where your home is. Cello Dog and Mr. B bring you their thoughts and feelings about what makes the world go 'round. Hopefully, you'll find this inseparable duo entertaining, informative and inspiring. In this episode Mr. B learns about the difference between signal and noise.

  • Blood Into Gold

    Blood Into Gold is the compelling song from Peter Buffett featuring Akon, pinpointing the issue of human trafficking and slavery. The poignant video, produced by UNICEF, is a powerful visual representation of the songs message, utilizing moving images and video from around the world that depict the severity of this issue. As a complementary advocacy tool to the song, the hope of the video is to call attention to the issue and inspire others to help bring an end to the atrocities associated with human trafficking.

  • Poison The River

    “Let’s all swim upstream…” Metaphorically, this is the issue of the day. For millennia, the downstream effects of the upstream behavior were never seen. Whether it’s in social, economic, political or environmental terms, most people went blindly about their business without seeing the full ramifications of what they were doing. This is not to say people didn’t care, but “out of sight, out of mind” has played a huge role in how we’ve gotten into the mess we’re in now.

  • Plastic Tomb

    Music video to Peter Buffett's Plastic Tomb.