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Patrick J. Sweeney II Fear Guru, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Ultra-Athlete, Cancer Survivor

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  • Patrick Sweeney Keynote at IFA The Amygdala & Decision Making

    In this short excerpt from the International Franchise Association annual convention Patrick Sweeney Keynote speaker explains to the audience of 4,000 people in Las Vegas why we need to scare ourselves every day.

  • Patrick Sweeney - Power of Fear Speech at YPO Boston (3 min testimonial)

    There is fear within. Fear can be the driving factor around our regrets. Patrick discusses how to overcome fear.

  • Patrick Sweeney Speaker's Reel 10-16

    The Surprising Power of Fear was the topic of Patrick's TEDx talk and the foundation for many of his award winning presentations. It is most valuable for a business, sales and entrepreneurship focused audience since his background as a three-time CEO, before becoming an adventurer, brings a fresh and valuable approach to business.

  • Motivational & Inspirational Speaker Patrick Sweeney Keynote from YPO Conference

    If you want to motivate a sales or executive team to the next level, Patrick is your man. He's hired and fired hundreds of sales and C-Level executive as CEO of three top technology companies, and his current passion as an adventurer lets him bring a unique perspective to inspire & motivate. Just ask the CEO's of companies he's worked with who hire him again and again!

  • 6 Minute excerpt from ONE Summit Keynote - May 2017 Las Vegas

    Patrick received outstanding ratings from the executives at the One Summit and one of his longest and warmest ovations from the audience. His website and social media data was mined and provided to the organizers to show the value he brought as a speaker and they've asked to engaged him for their fall conference. He's a great match for business audiences and provides outstanding and measurable value to make event organizers look like superstars!