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Nancy Giordano Strategic Futurist, Author, Gatherer, Keynote Speaker, Founder of playbiginc

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  • Futurist Nancy Giordano: Are Covid Work Innovations Here to Stay?

    Beyond 2030 with Futurist Nancy Giordano: Are Covid Work Innovations Here to Stay? In "2030: Beyond the Film" Director Johnny Boston discusses the futurist FM-2030, the Coronavirus Pandemic, and a range of urgent issues in the medical, philosophical, longevity & futurist space with leading voices. In this episode, Boston talks with strategic futurist Nancy Giordano about the future of work and the institutions and norms that drive our workplaces.

  • Creating a Future to Be Excited About | Nancy Giordano | TEDxUTAustin

    In a time when many of us feel scared of the future, Nancy Giordano has a different perspective. As a Strategic Futurist, she seeks to show us how the future is something to be excited about. In an age where our youth is so pessimistic about what lies ahead, Nancy provides a boost of optimism to show us that a technological future looks more like the wonderful innovations of Star Trek than the bleak, scary world of The Terminator.

  • Leading Strategic Futurist

    In a riveting speech to retailers, Nancy Giordano explores the future thru technological and cultural lenses.

  • 9 Trends Next Century's Historians Will Use To Describe This One

    Nancy spends much time thinking about big shifts.

  • Nancy Giordano - Strategic Futurist

    An exciting look at the future by acclaimed strategic futurist Nancy Giordano, where she explores advancing technologies and behavioral trends to help us re-imagine leadership.