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Melinda Marcus Award-winning Persuasion and Influence Expert Increases Your “Win Rate” with Proven Science of Influence Strategies

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  • The Business of Body Language

    Marcus calls herself a decision catalyst, an expert in the science of influence, combining persuasive psychology, body language, and strategic messaging in what she defines as the Marcus Method of Influence. “I show executives how to influence decisions before they lose big opportunities,” she says.

  • Have you ever made a bad hiring decision?

    The more hiring experience you’ve had, the more likely the answer is, “Yes.” You remember how impressed you were at the interview… then when the new hire gets on board, they under perform – or worse – they disrupt your workplace with bad behavior. What influenced you? Is there any way you could have seen the signs before you gave the offer?

  • What is more powerful than money to make behavior changes in your workforce?

    When employers want to motivate a change in behavior from their employees, often their first instinct is to use financial incentives. That usually comes in the form of bonuses, contests and other monetary rewards… but, even when they achieve the behavior change, how long does the new behavior last?

  • Split-second Judgments Make Lasting Impressions

    When I speak about Insights from the Science of Influence, most people in my audiences are amazed at how fast we form judgments about others… and how difficult it is for people to change their minds after they form the first impression. A new study from Cornell University* confirms this phenomenon ...

  • The Bias Nobody Talks About: The Beauty Bonus

    Are looks really important? In studies by both psychologists and economists, the answer keeps coming up “Yes!” ... In fact, attractive people earn around 4% more than people with below-average looks, which can add up to more than $500,000 over the course of a career. This is what I call, the “Beauty Bonus.”

  • Is your Flextime schedule helping or hurting your career?

    n working with both employers and employees, I’ve consulted on the pitfalls of unconscious biases. Recently, I came across one that may be impacting your career path because it involves Flextime programs. On the positive side, research shows Flextime leads to higher productivity, job satisfaction and employee retention… but did you know it may change the way your boss evaluates your performance?

  • Does the Way you Dress Affect the Way You Think?

    Business casual is great, right? Well, maybe not!

  • Negotiation by the Numbers

    In a price negotiation, should you throw out the first number or not?

  • What Separates Confidence and Arrogance?

    My executive clients say if they sense a person is arrogant, it's an instant deal-killer. So, what's the distinction between arrogance and confidence?

  • Go Ahead, Float Your Ideas Out There

    I was recently visiting the Chihuly Glass and Gardens in Seattle, and was surprised to learn that my favorite glass artist “lives the message” of my TEDx Talk.

  • The Business of Body Language

    Melinda Marcus shows us how to use nonverbal cues, confidence, and strategic influence to get deals done.