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Mel Parker President and Chief Executive Officer, Take The Limits Off, LLC

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  • Lessons on Leadership with Mel Parker on Dr. Diane Hamilton's Take The Lead Radio

    It is one thing to become a leader; it is another to teach others what you know. Finding opportunity in the convergence of leadership and education, Mel Parker became the President and CEO of Take The Limits Off—a leadership development executive coaching and consulting firm. Mel takes us to his own experiences that instilled in his lessons about leadership, from the wisdom he learned from his grandmother to moving from his military background and up the corporate ladder. Learn more from Mel as he talks about the importance of diversity, building trust, intellectual curiosity, and good coaching skills.

  • Badass Books : The Parker Principles – 10 Leadership Force Multipliers

    I have to say that Mel Parker is an impressive man. The self-proclaimed ‘farm boy' from North Carolina is a West Point graduate and former Army Ranger. He has gone on to have a successful career in corporate America and is now working as a consultant, coach and public speaker. Mel smiles easily and is always eager to learn new things. He's a sponge. He's also one heck of a leader. Mel knows leadership and his book, the Parker Principles, will teach you a great deal about leadership in the 21st Century.

  • Here's Why Effective Leadership is Built on the Principle of Trust With Mel Parker

    Mel Parker is internationally recognized and known for his business leadership as well as his ability to turn around, transform, and upgrade businesses while generating optimum value for shareholders, customers, and employees.

  • International Business Leader and Executive, Mel Parker

    Mel Parker is an Army veteran, who transitioned from the military and spent 25 years in corporate America with senior leadership roles at some of the best organizations on the planet. PepsiCo, Corporate Express(Staples), Newell Rubbermaid, Dell Computers, and Brinks