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Marty Klein Sex Therapist; Psychotherapist & Couples Counselor; Policy Analyst; Award-Winning Author

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  • Porn Literacy: for Adults, Teens, and Everyone Else

    At the prestigious Aspen Institute, Marty is interviewed onstage by Emily Yoffe of The Atlantic. What is Porn Literacy? Why is it crucial for both adults and teens in today's world? What common myths are fueling America's PornPanic, making it difficult for everyone to calm down and make better parenting and relationship decisions?

  • What Do People Really Want From Sex?

    Marty addresses 1,000 "pleasure party" sales reps in Las Vegas. What do people actually focus on during sex? A lot of things that do NOT lead to pleasure or closeness. As Marty unpacks sexual reality, sales reps become sex educators--for the ultimate benefit of their customers across the U.S.

  • 10 Things Humanists Need to Know About Sex

    Marty speaks at the American Humanist Association. Religion talks about sex obsessively. Why don't Humanists talk more about sex? Is there a Humanist vision of sexuality? Does it include pleasure, fantasy, power dynamics, taboos? What's a Humanist vision of "normal sex"?

  • America's War on Sex

    Marty keynotes the country's foremost conference of sex educators. With decades of clinical experience and a trained sociologist’s eye, Marty has analyzed dozens of public battles over Americans’ eroticism, and sees them connected in what he calls America’s War On Sex. “With a powerful Sexual Disaster Industry, the Religious Right has successfully re-branded private sexual expression into public behavior, which is therefore subject to public control--their control.”

  • Working With Sexual Issues: Therapy With Men, Women, & Couples

    Marty trains 200 members of the Illinois Association of Mental Health Counselors. In this full-day seminar, Marty talks about sex as people actually experience it, and describes what people need from therapists. His counter-intuitive ideas always lead to thought-provoking discussions, and his clinical demonstrations yield down-to-earth suggestions that therapists can use with their own patients on Monday morning.