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Marty Klein Sex Therapist; Psychotherapist & Couples Counselor; Policy Analyst; Award-Winning Author

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  • Dr. Marty Klein, featured speaker at the Aspen Institute

    People are rightly concerned about the impact of Internet porn—on kids and teens, on young adults, on women, and on couples. How is it affecting our views of sex, gender, power, aggression, and bodies? How can couples productively discuss one partner’s porn use if the other partner objects? How can parents prepare kids for the images they’ll probably see and the lessons they may learn?

  • Forbes: 6 Writers Who Know More About Sex Than You Do

    "When it comes to finding an expert on all things sex, you can't come much closer than Marty Klein. What makes Klein different is his ability to communicate what he knows. With straight-to-the-point prose, the best part is you'll learn a lot from reading what he has to say whether you agree with him or not."

  • The Salt Lake City Tribune reviews Dr. Marty Klein's sexuality training seminar

    An absolutely even-handed review of Marty Klein's all-day training of local therapists, including his critique of the Utah legislature's declaration that porn is a public health crisis--and Marty's innovative suggestions for how therapists, couples, and parents can respond to the challenges of 24/7 porn.

  • Sex and Death–What Do They Mean?

    The story is intriguing: There she is in bed dying. She hasn’t enjoyed food in a month, everything hurts, she’s practically forgotten how the sun used to feel on her face, and she can’t concentrate enough to read (much less write) two sentences in a row. And she says that if she gets better, she wants sex.