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Lizanne Falsetto Visionary Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of thinkThin®, CEO Pink Talented Angels & LF Advisory, Global Wellness Expert

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Lizanne Falsetto epitomizes today’s woman. She is a celebrated CEO & founder of thinkThin® (the lifestyle brand she sold in late 2015), health and wellness visionary, retail trend spotter, sought-after business media commentator, and advisor to the next-generation of entrepreneurs. While a successful fashion model in the 1990s, she hungered for a protein-rich, high-energy on-the-go snack that was low in sugar and gluten-free. thinkThin® was founded to address this market opportunity. Crafted by hand from her grandmother’s cookie recipe, thinkThin® quickly scaled nationally and globally. What began as a clear market opportunity in health foods ended up as a 20-year tenure as CEO of one of the fastest-growing health food snacks in history. After thinkThin® was acquired in December 2015, Lizanne began a new chapter with LF Advisory as an advisor to like-minded CEOs and entrepreneurs in the wellness and longevity market.

Success has always followed when Lizanne taps into her intuition - it’s why she started thinkThin® - since the sale of her business, it seemed that wherever she went, she was meeting nascent female entrepreneurs and her gut was telling her that this was a chance to give back. In early 2019 under the LF Advisory umbrella, Lizanne established The Pink Talented Angels - an organization designed to bring women together to help one another thrive by opening up their hearts, minds & collective contacts for early/mid-stage entrepreneurs. Each event features a presentation by an entrepreneur who has one “Ask” for the group to help propel her business forward.

A natural explorer with an affinity for spotting retail trends long before they come into popularity, In 2018, Lizanned started a wellness platform to share insights as she travels the world trying new and ancient foods, herbal remedies and products that are said to increase energy, stamina, and promote wellness & longevity. She looks for clues from the past to help create a simpler healthier future. Focusing on four key pillars: Advisory, Pink Talented Angels, Food and Wellness, Lizanne's blog and website are an opportunity to share not only her experiences in building a national lifestyle brand, support (Advisory) and mentor (Pink Talented Angels) other entrepreneurs, but to go on an adventure to discover health and well-being through nutrition, traditional Chinese herbs, recipes, trends in food/food science, DIY natural beauty tips and reviews on organic products. With this “Third Act” in her life, Lizanne hopes to give back to entrepreneurs in the health, wellness and longevity industries to help empower them to bring amazing socially conscious products to market, and contribute to making our world a better and healthier place.

Lizanne divides her time between Los Angeles and her organic ranch in Ojai, where she raises her two children and tends to her avocado orchard & garden.

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