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Lisa Hendrickson Innovation Strategist & Visionary

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  • Big Ideas, Small Magic and the People Who Wear the Glass Slipper
  • HCC and the Virtuous Circle: Adventures in Sustainability and Lessons Learned Being One of the First
  • Web Experiences in Real Life: The Move to Convergence

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  • 2019 Boom! Deciphering Innovation: How Disruption Drives Companies to Transform or Die

Lisa Hendrickson is an innovative strategist, thought leader, and a purposeful disruptor. Her human-centric approach to corporate strategies is based in on a simple idea: that impactful concepts and technologies are successfully designed and implemented when they are aligned with what people aspire to. This elevates the human experience and redesigns value creation. This is the thread that ties together her work.

As COO of HCC, an innovative luxury interiors brand, she devised the strategy that vaulted the company to becoming one of the fastest growing companies in America while pioneering a triple bottom line strategy now standard in sustainable companies. Under her leadership, the company grew to become a luxury market leader garnering an ICIC 100 award for growth and innovation in 2009.

Prior, she was a Director of Strategy at Scient, the iconic San Francisco dotcom consultancy. At Scient, she was one of eight brought on to launch its organizational adaptation practice designed to help companies strategize and implement new internet-enabled products and services.

Her latest endeavor, Spark City provides strategic consulting services. Her dynamic approach brings growth and profitability to companies by creating brand, customer, pricing and product strategies, methodologies, products and programs that drive profitable sales and builds business value. She is known for her simple elegant solutions that address complex business problems.

Some career highlights include:
• COO of the 43rd fastest growing inner city company in America
• Inc Magazine Video Playbook Series of 14 Videos for the Entrepreneur
• Inc 500, and GrowCo Conference Featured Speaker
• CEO Forum Training at Harvard Business School with Michael Porter
• Corporate grant recipient from The Clinton Foundation
• Judge and Panelist for Goldman Sach's Institute for Entrepreneurial Thinking
• Guest lecturer at Fordham University, SUNY's FIT, The Pratt Institute and CW Post

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