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Linda Edgecombe, CSP, Hall of Fame Leadership and Change Expert, Award-Winning Celebrity Humorist, Hall of Fame Speaker

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  • 2024 Linda Speaker Reel

    Watch Linda on a variety of stages and audience size. She will touch on why humor is her secret sauce, while getting you thinking about your next best steps. "Get Fired up and Ready to Shift."

  • 2024 Audience reaction to Linda's Presentation

    Some of the take-a-ways from Linda's Keynote.

  • Linda Edgecombe speaker reel

    2016 Promo Video including Linda's messaging around Breaking Busy, and moving from distraction and overwhelm to being energized and engaged

  • Linda Edgecombe Full Keynote BC Nurses 2018

    This full Keynote will make you laugh, and learn what it takes to Break Busy, feel more Alive and give you strategies to re-energize and re-claim your life. Change has never been this painless. Get ready to be energized.

  • Do You Want To Be Happy?

    In this video created for healthcare workers, Linda Edgecombe highlights three techniques that happy people do more than unhappy people. She also includes a bonus tip you can try TODAY.

  • Breaking Busy: Changing our Culture from Chaos to Calm | Linda Edgecombe | TEDx Talks

    Explore the research around our current state of 'overwhelm' and why BUSY has become our new badge of honor. This talk digs into what got us here and if we choose, the tools to help us step away from the busy treadmill and find some peace in the chaos. Change has never been this painless and you might have the best laugh you've had in a long time.