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Libby Gill Executive Coach, Leadership Expert and Bestselling Author

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“Libby shared such relevance about leadership skills in a real, compelling, fun story-telling manner. Memorable!”

ADP, Courtney Orlowski

“There are speakers who inspire with their words, and there are speakers that motivate by example. Libby Gill did both for our group at the POWER Symposium. She provided a message of hope, despite uncertainty, along with an action plan they could use immediately to benefit their own businesses. Overall, she was approachable, professional, and extremely memorable. She ranks among one of our highest-rated speakers in the history of our conference.”

Amoena, Holly Cline

“Thanks again for helping to make ASAE's first ever Virtual Conference a big success. We greatly appreciate the time and expertise you shared with our members!”

ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, Ann Blouin, Chief Learning Officer

“Libby's keynote was thought provoking and well-received by our audience, as well as our Champion's Group of senior company leaders. It is nice to know that there are well-grounded speakers like Libby who are easy to deal with and a delight to be around!”

Association for Manufacturing Excellence, Greg MacDougall, Co-Chair

“Our strategy session with you was a real game-changer.... my team is still talking about it! You definitely helped us align against key priorities, and we're making great progress.”

Avery Dennison, VP Global Communications Heather Rim

"You rocked the house for sure. I have heard nothing but wonderful comments."

Capital One, Barbara S. Cameron

“Open, honest, energized and real."

Caterpillar, Inc., Deb Nelson

“Libby gave us immediately useful ideas to help us be more effective leaders.”

CBRE, Cathy Teeter

"Congratulations on two extremely successful sessions for this highly diverse global audience."

Cisco Global Partner Summit Lead, Stacy Glavinos

“Libby’s enthusiasm and expertise were evident within the first few minutes of her seminar. Her presentation clearly demonstrated how important it is to develop a personal brand. I was thoroughly impressed and motivated to develop my career in a way I would never have considered prior to her seminar."

Comcast Entertainment Group, Alison Gifford

“I just attended the session with Libby Gill and the it was the best 90 minutes I’ve spent in a long time!”

Council for Exceptional Children, Alex Graham

“We’ve seen a lot of great speakers here at Disney, but Libby’s presentation was one of the most inspiring I’ve seen in a long time. After a very challenging year, our group was ready to get back to work, totally re-energized by her empowering message.”

Disney-ABC, SVP Sharon Williams

“An inspirational and motivating way of communicating the importance of belief, behavior and accountability.”

Driscoll’s, Jen Bingham

“Exceptional session! I learned so many helpful tips and tricks about body language, projection with vocals, and more.", Reyna Benavides

“Libby delivers a thoughtful and pragmatic message that everyone can relate to both personally and professionally. Look forward to thinking about my BOLD move and sharing with Libby!”

EY, Lynne Baker

“Libby energized, motivated, and gave everyone information they could apply immediately to supercharge their careers. She knew how to interact with the audience, presenting both research and anecdotes to keep everyone engaged. Libby was generous with her time and made herself available to anyone who wanted to follow up with her after the presentation.”

Gap Inc., Rona Kremer

“Libby was absolutely fabulous…a perfect blend of credible business experience, fascinating life circumstance and helpful insight into how to reframe stagnant perspectives and effect real change. I am not alone in feeling this as her talk sparked a long and interesting discussion among conference participants.”

Global Pharmaceuticals, Courtney Rice

“Very knowledgeable to the Honda brand. Relevant presentation!”

Honda, Jim Parker

“Libby’s presentation at IASA was the most inspirational speech I’ve seen in more than a decade. Her message of hope really resonated with the audience and she held her own with former president George W. Bush.”

IASA (Insurance Accounting and Systems Association) Cathy Elwood

"Libby helped make our annual convention the most profitable in our 125 year history!"

International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, John Linge

“I love the presentation Libby gave. There was a lot of interaction with the crowd that allowed us to think about ourselves, to think and discuss with our neighbors about how we apply leadership. There were a lot of golden nuggets in this presentation!”

Isaac Instruments, Jacques Delarochelliere

“Libby integrated a lot of the discussion we had with her and made her presentation really, really personal."

Kao Brands (Ban, Curel, Jergens, John Frieda), Paul Nunnari

“Libby's presentation really helped me identify, and deal with, those ongoing issues that sometimes held me back. Her techniques are sure to help you move ahead, and get on with your life and career.”

Marriott, Jim Hennessy, Director of Sales

“We were inspired by you…….your stories, your messages, and your insight! You were the perfect ending to a great two days of inspiration and motivation.”

Medtronic, Jodi Weinzetl

"Libby's message of action and accountability was strong, impassioned and clear. Her interactive presentation struck a deep chord and really helped set the tone for our event."

Microsoft Corporation, Monica DeTullio

"Libby Gill just presented at our national conference and the feedback I'm getting is that Libby is the best opening keynote speaker we've ever had. She touched on the subjects of leadership and change but she also reached out to our members before she came here to find out what the specific leadership challenges they were facing and wove it into her presentation.”

National Association for Area Agencies on Aging, Sandy Markwood

"Libby, you gave us enough positive energy for the rest of the day. My favorite presentation of the conference."

Navy Federal Credit Union, Dmitry Gurevich

“Libby really delivered at our conference. She was engaging, funny and insightful on how to reach your full potential by challenging ho-hum cultures. Our audience loved the 30-day challenge and raved about the energy from Libby!”

Netchex, Founder & CEO Will Boudreaux

“Helped me open my eyes to ways people are induced to change. Also gave me ideas on how to change the current "stuck" culture in my organization.”

Norwegian Armed Forces, Daniel Heggoey

"I previewed more than 20 speakers for our leadership event, but kept coming back to Libby Gill. The warmth and intelligence that I saw in her video were exactly what I wanted for our group of high potential future leaders. And Libby delivered even more than I'd hoped for, taking our leaders through an intensely personal and highly productive learning experience."

PayPal, Kathy Martin

“Your You Unstuck presentation was a HUGE hit with our global team. The place was still buzzing today about challenging the INRs, using the CSE method and various ways to cross your body parts. Nicely done!”

Warner Bros., Scott Millward

“You are a fantastic role model for women in today’s world. Your message of HOPE was so refreshing. As you well know, in the business world that is not the message you usually hear.”

Wells Fargo, Justina Schneider

YMCA, Gwyn Muto “Awesome! Spot on for our organization. Libby had done her research and talked to us about us: WOW! Worth your time and money…uplifting, motivating and helpful!”

YMCA, Gwyn Muto