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Kirsty Spraggon Vulnerability, Truth & Personal Leadership Expert

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  • Courage and Deep Vulnerability
  • Mindfulness, Self-Awareness and Reconnecting to Self
  • Practiced Mindfulness Increases the Bottom Line
  • Truth-Telling for Truth Seekers - Me Too Moments

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  • 2020 The Truth Will Set You Free, But First it Will Piss You Off
  • 2000 Work As If You Own It (Bestseller in Australia where it was released).

Kirsty is one of the most sought-after inspirational speakers, most often booked to open or close a conference. She is known for her ability to shift the tone of an event, to help the audience connect with themselves— and others in a deeper, more meaningful way and to help clients foster a culture of vulnerability throughout their event and beyond.

She does this by modeling her own beautiful, heart-opening vulnerability.

Her ability to share moving, thought-provoking and emotional topics with compassion, strength, and her signature Australian humor, helps the audience become comfortable with going, just a little deeper.

She is a truth teller, connector and a powerful storyteller with the rare ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable strategies that have life-changing results.

Kirsty’s courageous story has touched diverse audiences all over the world, including employees from Fortune 500 Companies & global brands. She is trusted by her clients to design and deliver interactive keynotes that inspire change, challenge thinking and accelerate personal and professional growth.

  • Her videos have been watched by more than 1.7 million people in over 120 countries.
  • Her work has been nominated for two PRISM awards by the Entertainment Industry Council.
  • She has been featured in Fox Business, Women’s Health, The Huffington Post, Forbes, The Today Show and more.
  • In her previous career, she was ranked in the top 1% of 120,000 sales agents worldwide with Re/Max and awarded the ‘Hall Of Fame’.
  • Today, she is taking her passionate work directly to the people by organizing a first of its kind event series, Truth-Telling for Truth Seekers. The inaugural event is being held in Los Angeles on April 22nd, 2018 in a 1500 seat auditorium and features a line-up of the most inspirational truth tellers and entertainers.

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