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Dr. Kevin Freiberg Co-Author of 8 Award Winning Books, Authority on Innovation and Disruptive Change

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  • Demo Reel

    A compilation of various keynotes. Kevin has delivered over 2,000 keynotes to over 60 industries.

  • Innovate or Perish

    To stay in business, stay relevant and competitive, innovation is key.

  • Accelerate Innovation

    Accelerate innovation to start a revolution and disrupt your space - why can't it be you?

  • The Guts to Ask: What If? And Why Not?

    Gutsy leadership makes it safe for people to question the unquestionable.

  • Hungry 4 Change

    How to connect knowledge, insights, and technology to add value to your team, company, and clients.

  • Heroic Work Inspires Innovation

    Finding the cause and reason behind the work you do drives innovation, employee engagement, and profitability.

  • Empathy Drives Design

    How you get passionate about your client's pain points and desires drives the bottom line.