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Kelly McDonald Consumer Trends, Marketing and Sales Expert

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  • How to Work With & Lead People Not Like You
  • How to Help & Serve Your Customers in a Virtual World NOW & Seamlessly Transition Back to Business as Usual LATER
  • How to Step Up & Lead in a Crisis
  • Managing Your Diverse Team Through a Crisis – One Size Fits All Won't Work – and What Will
  • How to Market & Keep Selling in Tough Times
  • How to Connect with Others, Regardless of Age, Wage or Lifestage
  • The New Demographics & How They Affect Your Business, Today & Tomorrow
  • How to Market & Sell to People Who Are Not Like You
  • Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You: How To Delight & Engage the Customers Your Competitors Don't Understand
  • Transformative Women's Leadership: How to Move the Business Forward with the Teams You Lead
  • Why Do I Have to Be Politically Correct?
  • Six Consumer Trends You Need to Leverage Now
  • Finding Future Hires in a Gig Economy: How to Recruit, Hire, Retain and Get the Best from Workers Now
  • Marketing & Selling to Women: “How to Win the Hearts and Reach the Wallets of Today's Modern Woman”
  • Come Together: Generational Differences and How to Effectively Work with Someone Much Older or Younger than You
  • Disaster Recovery & Crisis Management Using Social Media
  • Social Media & Social Marketing: How to Use It to Grow Business in a Low Cost, No Cost Manner
  • Tips & Tricks for Taking Social Media to the Next Level
  • Marketing 101: The Basics of Advertising & Marketing and How to Implement Them
  • How to Connect with Others, Regardless of Age, Wage or Lifestage
  • How to be a Culturally-Ready & Culturally-Friendly Employer: Insights into Your Diverse Workforce
  • Relating, Not Translating: How to Market to U.S. Latinos

Select Book Titles

  • 2017 How to Work With & Lead People Not Like You
  • 2012 Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You
  • 2011 How to Market to People Not Like You: "Know It or Blow It" Rules for Reaching Diverse Customers

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Kelly McDonald is considered one of the nation’s top experts in marketing, leadership, the customer experience and consumer trends. She is the founder of McDonald Marketing, which has twice been named one of the “Top Ad Agencies in the U.S.” by Advertising Age magazine.

Her client experience includes brands such as Toyota, State Farm, Kimberly-Clark, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Miller beer, and Sherwin-Williams.

Kelly does hundreds of speaking engagements each year, both in person and as Virtual Keynotes and webcasts for clients.

She has been featured on CNBC, in Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fast Company, on and more.

She is the author of three bestselling books. Her fourth book is titled “It’s Time to Talk About Race at Work: Every Leader’s Guide to Making Progress on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” and it will be released in June.

Kelly lives in Denver and when she’s not working, she enjoys boxing – (not kickboxing, actual boxing! 😊) – and shopping for high heels.

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