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  • Living in a world of complete silence - Embracing who you are.

    When Justin Osmond was born, it wasn't common to screen newborns for hearing loss. It wasn't until he was almost two years old that doctors told Merrill and Mary Osmond that their son had profound hearing loss. After being fitted for bulky hearing aids, Justin began the long process of trying to catch up with his peers. Along the way, he became aware of his deaf accent and longed to sound "normal" like other kids. His mom taught him to pay more attention to WHO he was, not WHAT he was.

  • Making the Impossible Possible

    Born with profound hearing loss into a very musical family, Justin Osmond immediately had his work cut out for him. He was told there was no way to play a musical instrument. One day, after turning off his hearing aids, he put a violin up to his chin and discovered he could "hear" the violin through the vibrations of the strings. That, coupled with hard work and help from others, allowed Justin to defy the odds and master the violin.

  • 250 miles for 25 Kids' Hearing Aids - with the help of With the help of his father Merrill Osmond, his mom, family, and aunt Marie Osmond,.

    Justin Osmond was born with profound hearing loss into a family known around the world for their musical talents. Through countless hours of speech therapy and hard work, Justin was able to overcome enormous obstacles to become a noted author, motivational speaker, and yes, musician. A few years ago, when he heard about 25 students in southern Utah needing new hearing aids, Justin knew he wanted to do something to help.

  • Justin Osmond Promo Video

    Imagine a world without sound, music, or hearing your mother's voice. Justin was born with a 90% hearing loss. Justin was told he would never be able to play a musical instrument. He has mastered the violin, viola, and even the drums.

  • Embracing our Limitations | Justin Osmond | TEDxRexburg

    Justin was diagnosed at age 2 with a 90 percent hearing loss. Even after being told by teachers and music professionals that he would never be able to play a musical instrument, he went on to learn the violin, viola, piano, and drums. Justin has spent more than 15 years helping the deaf and hard-of hearing around the world. He lives by his personal motto, “I may have a hearing loss, but my hearing loss does not have me.” Justin is eager to share his story of hope to those who struggle with their own limitations.