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Gary Hoover Business Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Innovator

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  • Eight Keys to Success: Lessons of History - Implications for Retail and Change In Habits

    An understanding of the future is looking at the past. Our society in general does not have a lot of respect for history, but people who build great enterprises have a sense of history and make a concerted effort to study it. Regardless of industry, any understanding of the future comes from understanding the past. Watching key long-term trends is a critical part of successful leadership.

  • Gary Hoover: Learning How to Learn

    If you are curious and passionate, then you have the ability to be an entrepreneur. Gary describes "How We Learn."

  • Eight Keys to Success: Customers First

    Hoover believes the only valid reason for the existence of any enterprise is to provide goods and services to people, to somehow make the world a better place. The minute an enterprise forgets that, it's all over with. Hoover recalls in the early '70s when he was a Wall Street analyst covering retailing.

  • From Punch Card to PC: The History of the Computer Industry

    Mankind has forever been trying to figure out better and faster ways to perform mathematical functions, said Gary Hoover, McCombs' Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

  • Ringing Registers: The Story of American Retailing

    The magic of retailing. According to Gary Hoover, McCombs' entrepreneur-in-residence, retailing has a certain mystery about it. While it is known as being hard work, low profit and intensely competitive, the industry has spawned some of the world's largest companies and greatest fortunes. How can this be, in an industry which does not require highly technical expertise or advanced degrees, and that is not generally protected by patents and trade secrets?

  • The History of the Media Industries

    In June 2012, I gave a keynote talk at the BlogWorldExpo at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, which is held in conjunction with the big Book Expo. My talk was a continuation of my series of "industry histories," but this time I tackled the two men I think of as the most important media innovators of the 20th century.

  • Consumer Spending through the Years

    Consumer Spending 1929 to 2018 in 30 Seconds