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Dr. Karyn Gordon Management Consultant and the CEO of DK Leadership: Driving Success through EI.

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Thank you for that exciting presentation… the subject of Gen Y is of extreme interest to me as we have about 33% of our employees that fall into the GEN Y group… your presentation raised some good ideas on how we can lead this group forward into the future.”

Brent Thomas, CEO Casera Credit Union

Dr. Karyn’s keynote lecture was enlightening, dynamic, and provided specific ways in which to improve our communication with those we evaluate. She is an energetic speaker and set the stage for a successful, team-building day… “

Dr. Andrea Simpson, Department Of Obstetrics & Gynecology University Of Toronto

Thank you for your session at our update meeting… I thought it was an excellent session and I received excellent feedback from the participants as well.

John Delucchi, Managing Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers