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Dr. Karyn Gordon Management Consultant and the CEO of DK Leadership: Driving Success through EI.

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  • How Maximizing Generational Differences Is The Key To Thriving Companies
  • Learn 3 Strategies To Effectively Communicate Feedback For All Generations
  • Learn 3 Strategies To Lead & Motivate Gen Y's
  • Learn 6 Strategies To Build An Effective Mentoring Program
  • Learn 7 Strategies To Effectively Recruit & Retain Gen Y's
  • Why Emotional Intelligence Is the Greatest Predictor Of Work & Life Success

Dr. Karyn is a professional Management Consultant and the CEO of DK Leadership: Teaching Success Principles For Full Engagment In Work / Life. In addition she is the business / relationship expert for Good Morning America (USA), Cityline and Breakfast Television (Canada.) A Management Consultant, best-selling author and corporate trainer to more than ½ million people, her mission is to inspire people (from students to CEO’s) to dream their best life, learn the tools and do it! She is passionate about teaching Success Principles (Emotional Intelligence including: Motivation, Time Management, Organization, Confidence, Communication & Career Direction) to develop thriving relationships at home (With Ourselves; Parents & Kids/Teens; Husbands & Wives) and at work (Intergenerational: Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X, Boomers, Traditionalists; Mentors & Mentees; Teachers & Students).

She is the best-selling author of Dr. Karyn’s Guide To The Teen Years (Harper Collins) and has written 3 additional resources for parents, teachers & counselors. She has a Bachelor in Psychology, a Masters in Counseling, a Doctorate in Marriage & Family and has done extensive studies in generational differences, personalities, leadership & Emotional Intelligence. Ten years ago, she began transferring her knowledge of Family Systems to Organizational Systems and now consults with many industries and sectors throughout North America.

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