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David Nilssen The Future of Talent

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“[You shared] how we can use offshore talent in ways I hadn't considered.”

Celeste Trapp, EO Portland Learning Chair

“It was a true pleasure, rich in content, alive and fun to follow.”

Christine Sintermann, Founder of Biosofa

“David clearly illustrates how entrepreneurs can leverage a more conscious approach to scale faster. He provides both great information and entertainment value.”

David Lekach, Founder of Dream Water

“An absolutely inspiring presentation.”

Leon von Klitzing – Entrepreneurs' Organization, Frankfurt

“The value was huge, with great takeaways. I highly recommend!”

Maureen Birdsall,

“I think you made the entire audience reconsider their approach to talent!”

Mike Powers, Alliance Partitions

“It was a thought-provoking talk.”

William Makant, EO UK Learning Chair