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Rhythm, Color, Culture, Energy; These Four words describe the experience viewing the creations of world renowned Artist David Garibaldi.

Born in Los Angeles in 1982, Garibaldi began creating at a young age. After relocating and growing up in Sacramento, it was not until high school, after walking away from a life of graffiti in the streets, that he turned his influences of hip hop culture into a positive direction. Unfortunately by then, it was too late to make up lost time in school, and he could not graduate. A season of hard times to come could not shake the drive of this young artist from pursuing his dreams.

David Garibaldi began to turn his illustrations on paper into paintings on canvas. Garibaldi would paint live at urban jazz sessions, nightclubs, and hip hop events for direct influence by the music, and he began to create a buzz about his work along the way.

In 2003 Garibaldi was at a friend’s home and across the room hung an original Jimi Hendrix painting by performance artist Denny Dent. The painting was wildly splashed together with paint like most of Dents works. Without seeing a single video or photos of Denny Dent in action, even years after, David was inspired to create.

Dent was the first and only “Rock and Roll Painter”. Dent unarguably engaged his audiences while he created. Commanding hundreds to hundreds of thousands with his “Two Fisted Art Attack”. There will never be anyone like Dent, but other artist’s have been inspired in some way and are taking the art form to new generations, multimedia platforms, and more. Some notable artists include Brian Olsen, Michael Israel, Jean Francoise Detaille, Michael Ostaski, and Dan Dunn.

As Garibaldi has developed his performance pop art show over the years, he credits Denny Dent for not only inspiring himself, but generations before and after.

It was the defining moment of Garibaldi’s background in graffiti, hip hop dancing, playing music, painting live, and then seeing the work of Denny Dent that lead David to create a live stage show he describes and calls “Rhythm and Hue.”

Garibaldi’s Rhythm and Hue is much more than a performance art, and paint flailing presentation; it is an inspirational experience as well. Garibaldi tells the story of how he was living the life of a graffiti rebel until a high school teacher challenged him to make his art more purposeful. He shares his personal struggles and triumphs that helped to shape him into a world-renowned painter and performer in the studio and on the stage.

In 2012, David entertained America when he auditioned and became a finalist on season 7 of NBC’s hit show “America’s Got Talent”.

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