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David Brownlee Motivational Speaker on Mindset, Customer Success, Sales and Leadership

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  • Chasing Your Dreams
  • Pure Communication - 4 Ways To Communicate With anyone
  • Pure Leadership - 7 Ways To Ensure Exceptional Leadership
  • Pure Marketing - 7 Steps to Effective Marketing
  • Pure Sales - 8 Steps to Explode Your Sales
  • Rockstar Service, Rockstar Profits - 8 Secrets To Create Loyal customers and Increase Your Revenue

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  • 2019 Rockstar Service. Rockstar Profits.: Increase Your Revenues, Grow Your Business and Create Raving Fan Customers for Life
  • 2014 Rock Star Customer Service: 6 Secrets To Rock Star Customer Service

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David Brownlee is a motivational speaker on mindset, customer success, sales and leadership. He is the CEO of The Brownlee Group, LLC and Pure Customer Service. He is the number one, best-selling author of Rockstar Service, Rockstar Profits and has been featured in Time Magazine, People Magazine and others. He is a former business coach and seminar leader for Tony Robbins and has trained over 1M businesses and individuals from his online training, live events and coaching programs. His clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies like Harley-Davidson, LinkedIn, Behr Paint, Google Oakley and Volcom.

David is a serial entrepreneur and sold his first company in 2005. He then moved to Central America with his wife to take a break and learn his 3 s’s…Spanish, Salsa and Surfing. One night when coming home from dinner in a taxicab, David and his wife were kidnapped at gunpoint. David was robbed and stabbed in the leg.

After making it through that horrific experience, David decided in that moment that life is short and dedicated himself to helping others. He looks at this life event as a “blessing” because it has led him down the path to be here with you on your journey. David believes that we all deserve to be successful in life and business. He also believes that each one of us has the power to create a positive ripple effect of kindness and respect for one another through our interactions. We make this impact one person at a time.

He currently lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and two young children. Fun fact: David is the biggest winner in the history of the Hollywood Squares Game Show on CBS with Whoopi Goldberg :)

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