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Dan Clark The New York Times Bestselling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker, Award-winning Athlete

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  • Author And Hall Of Famer Dan Clark On Significance (How To Get It And Why It Matters So Much)

    Significance is the equivalent of legacy and of a life and business that matters, Clark says. Its definition is unique to each person and business.

  • 12 Things People Do To Achieve A Level Beyond Traditional Success

    There are plenty of suggestions and rule books for business success. But according to National Speakers Association Hall of Famer and 34-time best-selling author Dan Clark, the greatest leaders and entrepreneurs go further. They've attained significance, the level beyond success.

  • Dan Clark: Bringing his message home

    He's written and contributed to 34 books, been a New York Times best-selling author with his own book, and spoken to over four million people at 4,500 appearances. He's inspired U.S. servicemen on trips to Afghanistan and Iraq, written a country song for which he received a Gold Album, wrote a novel that was made into a movie starring Jack Lemmon, and rubbed shoulders with governmental leaders from across the globe.