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Christine Comaford Neuroscience-Based Leadership Coach; Predictable Revenue, Passionate Teams, and Profitable Growth

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  • Increase Employee Engagement By 300% With This Daily Practice

    More frequent informal feedback, plus performance motivation to work through the more formal self-evaluation process is key for employee engagement. It's time for leaders to adapt and give feedback that is more humane, less awkward, more timely. Because if your team isn't happy and feeling respected, they're outta here. Today's leaders need simple and fast practices that rapidly increase employee engagement while encouraging performance and course-correction.

  • Emotionally Resilient Leadership Starts With Embracing Energetic Weight: A Case Study

    Energetic Weight is like the foundational components of a building. If one pillar is out of place, then the structure gets wobbly. If one pillar is too big or too small, then the ceiling tilts and loses balance. In Energetic Weight challenges, I see leaders being “inappropriately small” and letting their direct reports become “inappropriately big” by default. They're not owning their role and the power and authority it brings. They're not standing in their appropriate “weight”. If you don't stand in your Energetic Weight, someone else will, and if you're the leader, anarchy will result.

  • The Surprising Link Between Customer Experience And Employee Engagement

    According to Aimee Lucas, Customer Experience Transformist and VP at Temkin Group, 55% of all the companies surveyed want to be best in their industry or better than all companies in any industry when it comes to the level of CX they deliver they deliver within three years. That's a big crowd wanting to get into a small, small slot.

  • How To Stop Being Blindsided By Change

    Change blindness = when we miss a huge change because we were focused elsewhere. Perhaps a key employee became disengaged and you could have prevented it. Or a high-potential employee kept asking for greater challenge, and before you noticed the flight risk, they left. We've all experienced change blindness. It's often a result of not being present because we are pulled in too many directions. Heck, you likely would've really liked to see the change you missed, maybe you would have even benefited from it, but your brain deleted it. Why?

  • 3 Daily Actions That Guarantee Work-Life Balance For Leaders

    If you aren't having fun when you aren't at work, it may be time to reflect. Life is a balancing act, and work will become less fulfilling if your downtime is void of ease, grace, joy, and fun. These are the three actions that leaders can do each and every day that will put them on the path towards guaranteeing work-life balance.

  • Remote Employees Are Angry: 3 Keys To Re-Engage And Boost Performance

    Are your remote team members thriving or suffering in silence? A recent article in Harvard Business Review, by Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield, discussed their study of remote employees and their findings were powerful. Learn strategies for re-engaging and re-aligning remote employees.