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Chip Bell Best-Selling Author of Take Their Breath Away & Kaleidoscope

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  • Seriously Sparkly Service Keynote with Chip Bell

    Recall the absolutely best customer service experience of your entire life. What were the features of this profoundly remarkable memory? Today’s customers do not talk (remark) or tweet about good service; only experiences they find unique, special, and ingenious. Research shows value-added (taking what customers expect and adding more) will not provide a solid ROI. But, value-unique (delivering an unexpected, compelling surprise) creates animated advocates and fuels bottom line impact. Based on Bell’s newest bestselling book, Kaleidoscope, this high-energy session provides the tools, tips and techniques for leading and delivering innovative service that sparkles.

  • Innovative Service: Strategies for Increasing Growth and Profits

    Value-added service is facing a dead-end street! As margins get more challenging, taking what your customers expect and just adding more is no longer the best path to growth and profits! Today’s winners focus on value-unique—creating those unexpected, simple but inventive ways to take their customers. Based on his best selling, award-winning books Take Their Breath Away, The 9 ½ Principles of Innovative Service and Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service, this exciting, revolutionary and paradigm bending keynotes has gotten raving reviews from audiences around the world for arming attendees with unique examples, practical tools, and memorable principles.

  • Leading a Customer-Centric Operation

    If ten years ago you had invested $100 in a fund made up of the most customer-centric companies in the U.S. (according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index), your investment today would be worth over $650. Additionally, operations that put their customers in the center of their planning and execution attract the best employees and retain the best customers. Chip Bell as worked with many of the most customer-centric operations--Ritz-Carlton Hotels, USAA, AMEX, Marriott, Harley-Davidson--and shares the secrets of what makes them so successful. This provocative and powerful keynote can be tailored for first-line supervisors to senior executives.

  • Customers as Partners: Building Profitable Relationships That Last

    Distinctive service in the professional or B2B world can be vastly different than the approach used by a merchant to win a consumer. For the business-to-business world and/or the space of sophisticated products or specialized expertise, the path to success has become a long-term, profitable relationship, not just a glitzy experience. When those you serve feel like valued partners in a power-free relationship, their expectations are more realistic, they are more forgiving of mistakes, more ardent advocates, and their economic investment in the firm or organization deepens.