Bill Walton Featured Basketball Legend, Broadcaster, Humanitarian, and Survivor

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“Bill was fantastic! He was easy to work with, very approachable and his passion about health and the healthcare industry was evident throughout his speech. Although we asked him to be at the venue about 25 minutes before his speech, he came early to hear our CEO speak and also stopped by our Women's Leadership Panel earlier in the morning, which was much appreciated. Additionally, Bill is an inspiration and everyone walked away from the speech commenting about how engaged they were throughout the whole hour. We'd definitely work with him again!”

Allina Health

“Bill's performance at our event was funny, insightful, authentic and captivating. He carefully tied in the principles he was talking about with the characteristics of our firm, for which we owe him a large debt of gratitude.”

CFO & Director of Operations, Preston Estate Planning

“Bill was fantastic! The crowd loved him and it was great to get to know him. He stayed for the entire night, signed autographs, took pictures. I'll have to think about our future events and hope to have him again!”

Connecting Point Marketing Group (CPMG)

“Your comments to the “Awesome + Excellent” network sales force were incredibly well received. The team was thrilled to take pictures and your patience in autographing the t-shirts went above and beyond. So happy you were able to join us – it was an honor."

Director of Sales, A&E Television

“He's funny………boy did he COMMIT to the event. He came to our opening reception for like 2 hours and sat and talked to people! And he stayed after he spoke and took pictures for a full hour. He really was super about doing anything we asked of him. “

Farm Journal Media

“It was an amazingly, spectacular event with Mr. Walton. Our customers and guests were blown away with his genuineness -- intelligence -- outlook on life and compassion toward others -- and their "one and lifetime" opportunity to meet a living legend. Bill went out of his way to make EVERY person in the room feel like they mattered -- and he personally spent time talking to each of them. Simply unbelievable, which an email can not describe.”

Head of Strategic Services, Irving Place Capital

“I have never received more positive feedback about one of our guest speakers and please believe me when I say a room full of lawyers is a very tough crowd. In describing your presentation, I heard the words "inspiring," "motivating," "positivity" and "amazing” multiple times.”

Past President, Association of Southern California Defense Counsel

“From the bottom of my heart, Thank You. Your talk was wonderful. The crowd loved you. It touched on such important and current topics. Lunch was amazing! There aren't enough words. All I can say is, "Let's do it again!"...soon!”

President, San Diego Entrepreneurs Organization

“Bill Walton was great. Personable, entertaining, professional, welcoming, interesting. We had great feedback about him. He was a real pleasure to work with. At our Thursday night reception, he stayed until 930 or so! He spoke to everyone who came up to him. That night, he signed everything we gave him. He was an overwhelming success!”

Senior Vice President, Rockbridge Capital

“What a fantastic presentation you shared with our team at Plug and Play this week. Your message was inspirational and everyone raved about how much they enjoyed the time with you. I love how open and honest you were and how you conveyed your message through storytelling.”

Senior VP, Aflac

“To be honest, our board of directors questioned my recommendation of Bill as the keynote speaker. After the event, they apologized for questioning me...profusely. We are not sure how we will top Bill's passion and the memorable delivery he gave at next year's event. Bill was a true professional and took the time to study our issue and audience like no speaker I have booked before. We are still getting comments on how good the program was months after the fact. I give my highest recommendation for Bill Walton as a keynote or corporate speaker, amazing.”

Utah Clean Air Partnership

“So many raves! The response to our event has been awesome. Your speech was upbeat and on target! I wish I had your recall for names! You also impressed a great many people by staying an extra hour and a half to sign autographs and take more pictures. Not one guest in 22 years has done that.”

VP Marketing & Communications, Lifespan

“What a special night! I thank you again for sharing your life, your passions, and pouring your soul out to us last night. It was incredibly moving and we all appreciate your time with us. I also really enjoyed our one on one time when it was all said and done. You exceeded my expectations. Everyone continued to talk about you today at the conference.”

Wells Fargo