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Ben Livingston Interactive Project Artist, Neon Artist - Combining Salvaged Material of the Past.

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  • Drawing With Light

    Ben began combining his “Spirit Sticks”, neon antenna he gifts to people who have recently lost loved ones, and the salvaged wood, some with nails still in tact. He says he wanted to show how quickly people dismiss history and the willingness of one generation to disregard the next.

  • Spirits of the past come alive in neon art exhibit

    Livingston said his intention with his neon art is to house them in material that sometimes dates more than 100 years old, such as wood from old barns or from slave quarters.

  • Ben Livingston's ‘Spirit Houses' at San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

    “It's intended to provoke thoughts and memories of people and events which in many cases are long forgotten — and to sense the presence of those thoughts and memories in the Spirit Houses sculptures. They remind us that our minds are full of ghosts all the time.”