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Albert Mensah Ambassador of Opportunity, Personal Development, Dream Builder, and Inspirational Speaker

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  • Bouncing Forward

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  • 2011 WAKE UP to Your Potential: Discovering the Hidden Opportunities in Challenging Times
  • 2008 Secrets of Effective Goal-Setting
  • 2005 OK Means Opportunity Knocking (Making the Most of Every Chance Encounter)
  • 2000 When the Drumbeat Changes Dance a Different Dance

Originally from the impoverished African nation of Ghana, Albert Mensah has emerged to become an internationally-recognized motivational speaker, corporate consultant, and coach. While serving top companies throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, his life story—a journey from rags to riches—has inspired audiences everywhere.

Ambassador of Opportunity

Known as the “Ambassador of Opportunity”, Albert is an expert in the area of change. Rather than being feared, change is something that should be embraced. By doing so, listeners discover how they, too, can attain new heights personally and professionally. His high-energy presentations, engaging messages, and captivating storytelling ability enable him to motivate his audiences to embrace change, viewing change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle or inconvenience.

Albert Provides the Right Tools to Embrace Change—Quickly and Easily

Particularly for companies in the midst of an organizational transformation, Albert can provide the tools and inspiration necessary to emerge successfully on the other side. Having served such leading companies as Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing, Wells Fargo, Costco, and John Deere, he has the ability and experience to help any company through times of transition.

Expert in Leadership, Teamwork and Intellectual Agility

In addition to change, Albert is an expert in the areas of leadership, teamwork, intellectual agility, and resiliency. Believing that resilient companies are better positioned to thrive in the midst of change, he teaches employees and executives at every level how to absorb change and parlay it into momentum.

Talented Salesman with a Unique Perspective on Business Success

Prior to embarking on his career as a public speaker, Albert served within Fortune 500 telecommunications companies as a top salesman, in which role he regularly surpassed all sales quotas. From there, he launched a successful sporting goods store. Along with his early history, these experiences have contributed to his unique perspective and enrich the content of his presentations.

Certified Speaker Professional

Venturing into the public speaking realm proved to be the right decision. Albert has been recognized by the National Speakers Association as a Certified Speaking Professional Award—an honor earned in only four years instead of the standard five. As a CSP, he is rated among the top seven percent of professional speakers internationally.

Accomplished Author

Albert is also the author of When the Drumbeat Changes, Dance a Different Dance and OK Means Opportunity Knocking, His newest book, Wake Up! To Your Own Potential and the Hidden Opportunities in Challenging Times. These resources help readers clarify dreams, specify goals, and take full advantage of opportunities.

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