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Abi Ferrin Fashion Designer and Philanthropist

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  • Abi Ferrin

    Abi's Freedom Project.

  • Cadillac Presents: Shaping: DFW - ABI FERRIN

    WFAA has partnered with Cadillac to bring you SHAPING:DFW, a series highlighting the accomplishments of local dreamers and doers who are making a difference in the metroplex. Check out Abi Ferrin’s story, and hear how she went from $500 and a sewing machine to a trend setting social entrepreneur based in Dallas.

  • Abi Ferrin - Fashion with Freedom and Purpose

    Abi Ferrin, a Dallas-based designer, will be in Nordstrom stores nationwide beginning in July 2011. After years of hard work and dedication to her passion, Abi is emerging as a nationally sold designer. Abi Ferrin's clothes are designed to empower women and support the efforts to rid the world of domestic abuse and sex slavery. Having faced both personal and financial mountains over the past ten years, it is truly remarkable to finally see Abi's dreams come to fruition - from working and selling out of her garage to having her collections on display in Nordstroms across the country.

  • Abi Ferrin: Don't Look Away | Mary Kay

    1 in 4 women in the United States will experience abuse in her lifetime. As a talented, aspiring fashion designer, Abi Ferrin never thought she would be part of a domestic violence statistic.